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Baby hand-raised Male SI Eclectus

If you are in the market for a SWEET companion parrot - think about owning an Eclectus. Eclectus’ have tight interlocking hair like feathers which produce a sleek glossy plumage that actually looks like silk and they are actually considered to be hyp

Handfed Solomon Island Eclectus Available!

Handfed Solomon Island Eclectus Available! One female Solomon Island Eclectus available! 6 months old, very good talker and eater! She is fully weaned on to a fresh food and non-colored pellet diet. She is $1000 firm. Shipping is available at

Lovebird and Parrotlet Breeders for Sale

Lovebird Breeders for Sale Substantial multiple purchase discount! All must sell! Ask for pricing on more than one bird. Not interested in Trades. Shipping is available out of O’Hare at buyers expense. Photos of all listed birds are available on m


Fun loving bird, loves to play and dance. A little on the noisey side sometimes. Loves to be the center of attention. Seems to prefer women to men. Unsure of sex. About 8 years old. Tries to talk, some clear words, most are gravely. Comes with large

African Grey

Beautiful bird goes by the name Smokey. I am not sure of gender. He is about 10 years old, talks, and loves his bells. He rings them when he is hungry or wants attention. Alot of fun to have around. Has a large cage, perch, books, and toys.

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