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Nigerian Dwarf goat -Buck

This is a Nigerian drawf buck he is he is reg with NDGA. His mom Is 15" & dad 23" He was born Aug 26th. Lucky has blue eyes and dehorned. Lucky is priced to sell would love to see him home by Christmas.

Deluxe Chicken Tractors * Chicken Coop with runs

Deluxe Chicken pens, coops with runs, chicken tractors. I have raised chickens and build their pens for more then 30 years. I know what is a must to keep them safe and healthy in our Oklahoma weather, from supper hot days to freezing rains. Call for


Various breed chickens. All pure bred from McMurray Hatchery. 14 pullets, 2 roos.

Laying Hens

Golden Comet Laying Hens - 1 1/2 years old - laying large brown eggs - $9.00 each - call for more information (508) 252-9720.

Wanted Family milk cow

I am looking for a family milk cow gentle no kicker 4 years or under bred back , I will buy if the price is reasonable or trade for a registered Paso Gelding or filly but she is a two cow filly :} , also looking for a horse and buggy trade will trad

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